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Business Insurance - Get the best insurance cover for your business

Property/Business Interruption

COVER THAT MAKES COMPLETE BUSINESS SENSE. Property Insurance is designed to provide coverage for buildings and their contents, machinery, furniture, computers, accounting records and more. READ MORE

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Liability Insurance

PROTECTION FOR YOUR LIABILITY TO OTHERS. Liability Insurance provides indemnity to you or your company for your legal liability for claims made by others for death, bodily injury, illness or disease as well as physical loss or damage to property. READ MORE

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IPO Insurance

PROFESSIONAL INSURANCE ADVICE FOR PUBLICLY QUOTED COMPANIES. We offer a suite of insurance solutions including the following important classes: civil liability, directors & officers liability, IPO process, professional indemnity, cyber and loss of data risks. READ MORE

Directors Insurance - Insurance for Company Directors

Directors & Officers Insurance

Your company’s directors, managers and administrators take on a lot of responsibilities, but risk to their personal wealth needn’t be one of them.READ MORE

Cyber Insurance Cover - Robertson Low

Cyber Insurance

PREPARING YOUR BUSINESS FOR DATA BREACH. Cyber risk and breach of EU data regulations are critical issues for business today. We advise on best insurance solutions to safeguard your organisation and  provide indemnity from a range of potential risks. READ MORE

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Life Science and Pharma

INNOVATIVE INSURANCE SOLUTIONS FOR A PIONEERING INDUSTRY. At Robertson Low, we recognize that in the healthcare industry, the dependence on medical technology is increasing and so is the demand for broad, flexible and tailored insurance solutions READ MORE

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Churches & Cathedrals

PROTECTING WHAT IS IRREPLACEABLE TO THE COMMUNITY. We appreciate the value placed on a church or cathedral  in its community and  understanding the risks associated with running an ecclesiastical organisation is central to our service offering. READ MORE

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Professional Indemnity

PROTECTION FOR FINANCIAL LOSS INCURRED BY YOUR CLIENTS. Professional Indemnity is designed to provide indemnity to you as a consequence of litigation from clients who may have suffered financial loss as a consequence of the advice or professional service you provide. READ MORE

Financial Institutions | Private Equity | Insurance Investment Management

Financial Institutions

BESPOKE SOLUTIONS FOR UNIQUE RISKS. Financial Institutions are exposed to a unique scope of risks in today’s complex regulatory world.  READ MORE