AM Trust Europe Ltd

Each rate is up to the % shown:

Policy Description Commission Rate
AA Adminstration Bond
AB Apartment Block
AD Accidental Dam F&T
AG Agricultural Vehicle
AH Aviation Hull
AR All Risks
BI Business Interrupt
CA Contractors All Risk
CB Construction Bond
CC Commercial Combined
CH Car Hire Excess
CI Credit Insurance
CL Combined Liability
CP Computer
CT Clinical Trials Liab
CV Commercial Vehicle
CY Cyber Liability
DO Directors & Officers
EA Excess Public Liab
EC Event Cancellation
EI Engineering Inspect
EL Employers Liability
EN Engineering
EP Employment Practice
EV Environmental Liab
EX Exhibition Insurance
FC Farmers Combined
FI Fidelity Guarantee
FL Fleet
FP Fire & Perils
GT Goods In Transit
HG Group Health
HH Holiday Home
HI Health Insurance
HL Hauliers Liability
HN High Net Worth House
HO Hole in One
HQ Household Combined
HS Horses
HT Hotels
IP Investment Protect
KR Kidnap & Ransom
LE Legal Expenses
LL Loss of Licence
LS Lost Shares Bond
MA Marine Hull
MB Motor Breakdown
MC Motorcycle
MD Material Damage
ME Motor Trade Combined
MH Mobile Home
MI Motor Trade I R
MK Marine Transit
ML Marine Liability
MM Medical Malpractice
MO Motor Contingency
MS Motor Special Type
MT Motor Trade R R
OC Office Combined
PA Personal Accident
PB Performance Bond
PC Private Car
PD Products Liability
PE Excess PI
PF Professional Fee
PI Professional Indem.
PK Commercial Package
PL Public Liability
PO Property Owners
PP Public/Prodcut Liab
PS Personal Acc & Ill
PT Pension Trustee Liab
RC Retail Combined
RG Rental Guarantee
SB Self Build
SC Surgery Combined
TR Terrorism Insurance
TV Travel
TW Truckwriter
XX Miscellaneous