A cyber-attack is a criminal activity that is carried out over the internet using computers. Financial gain is the main reason for cybercrime. Criminals can commit crimes from the comfort of their own homes, accessing large amounts of money very quickly. They are incredibly difficult to trace due to the ever changing and sophisticated nature of the attacks carried out.

There are many different types of cyber-attack. The most common type is ransomware. Many Irish organisations get hit with these attacks which denies them access to their system until a ransom is paid. Normally, there is a time limit to pay resulting in deletion of all your data if you refuse to do so.

Here’s what this means for you.


1. Cover for cost of data leaks – reported data breaches increased by 50% in Ireland in 2014

2. Cover for business interruption – if your website is hacked, you can receive compensation for loss of revenue during downtime

3. Reimbursement to ensure fast repair and replacement – if a hacker damages your website, software programmes or other electronic data and devices.

4. Access to a team of experts – forensics, legal and public relations to minimise your loss and possible reputational damage

5. Liability protection – for accidental, inadvertent infringement of copyright or libel of a third party

Robertson Low - Get your Cyber Insurance through Robertson Low, today
Robertson Low - Get your Cyber Insurance through Robertson Low, today

What will a cyber insurance policy cover?

  • Hardware: Cover for physical equipment such as computers, laptops & mobile phones.
  • Data Corruption & Extra Costs: Cost to investigate a loss and restore data following a cyber event.
  • Cyber Crime: Covers your own financial loss following a breach when you need to source specialist support to investigate a breach and to advise on restoring system access.
  • Cyber Liability: This covers damage and defence costs for third party loss e.g. transmission of a virus to a client or supplier.
  • Data Breach Expense: PR and crisis management support, data breach notification and specialist support for data breach investigation.
  • Cyber Event: loss of business income due to an attack.

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